Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And the Winner is ...!

I'm happy to say that the photo above won the Timothy White Award for Best Mash-Up Team Photograph at the 2011 Austin Fashion Awards held at the end of Austin Fashion Week! Timothy White, a fashion and celebrity photographer, choose the image from 19 others and presented the award to my team at Saturday night's awards ceremony at Austin's Moody Theater, home of Austin City Limits. All 19 teams are chosen at random and tasked with creating a stunning fashion portrait.

Winning an award was a great, but weird, experience. As a photographer, I'm use to being behind the scenes putting other people in "the light", not being in it myself. I have to admit though, it was nice winning the award, especially in a team setting. ;-)

As nice as winning was, creating the photo with my team was even better! I love working with a team of talented people to create beautiful images. My team (we called ourselves "Wild Horses") consisted of:
  • Makeup Artist: Adrienne Pitkin
  • Hair Stylist: Kendall Koehler
  • Clothing Designer: Alchemy Design (Christina Simon and Ed Davis)
  • Jewelry: ByJeannie Jewelry
  • Model: Britany Walker
Thanks to Matt Swinney of Launch 787, the creator of Austin Fashion Week, for putting together a great competition and a great week of events! Oh, and I'd also like to thank Gerry Hanan of Hanan Exposures Photography for telling me about the mash-up teams. I'm very glad I got involved.

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