Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Film Noir

I really love the Film Noir genre with its high-contrast black and white images and crime-drama feel. I've been wanting to shoot some Film Noir images for some time now, but various issues kept getting in the way. I finally pulled it together this past week with Ashley, Giovanni, Megan (Giovanni's girlfriend) as the models/actors and two fellow photographers, Alex Suarez and Jake McKee, as assistants. The six of us had a lot of fun with it, and the images you see below are the result of a team effort:

My goal was for the models to act out a few simple scenes that I had sketched out in my photo notebook. Everyone added their ideas, which made for much better images. The thing I like the most about photography is working with other people to create interesting and beautiful images.

We started shooting at about 7:30pm in this amazing alley in downtown Austin. The alley is a throwback to Austin's past, and looks like something out of a movie set. It's full of interesting textures, and is adjacent the Front Bank tower, one of Austin's newest and most modern buildings.
Here are a few more from the same shoot:

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